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We are a website, graphic & creative design consultancy based in Vancouver. We produce considered and beautifully crafted work across all platforms from print and web.

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About Brainstorm Design

Brainstorm is a highly creative Vancouver design studio founded and directed by Dave Curtin. With web and print design at its core and consisting of the very top Vancouver City-based designers with decades of experience. Brainstorm made the commitment to break from the constraints of traditional graphic design services and give the marketplace a next-generation design studio. The belief was that the digital age was providing us tools to develop captivating pieces of art for any medium. Art that could be turned into marketing solutions for any organisation, large or small. We don’t believe that one-size-fits-all so we don’t modify off-the-shelf solutions to fit our clients needs. We’re an agency made up of people who are all exceptional at what they do and together we help our clients adapt, grow and thrive in the digital economy.

We believe that new technology could be used to enhance graphic design and reduce costs and time to market. This vision has only become clearer over the years as we continue to push the envelope and exceed our client’s expectations. The Vancouver design studio is built with a passion for originality and a keen ability to apply our imagination to meet the needs of our clients. We are constantly looking forward to deliver scalable solutions that can quickly adapt to the changing landscape of your market. With the firm belief that your success is absolutely critical to our own, we are planning for the results you need right at the onset of each project engagement. We want all of our clients to consider us as long-term partners with their best interest at heart. Let’s get together, grab a coffee and throw some ideas around.

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Christine Brennan
Protocol, Public Relations & Communications Officer University of Vancouver
Brainstorm are a pleasure to work with. Their ability to push boundaries, marry new technologies and contemporary design while maintaining our brand identity is genius. They are flexible, creative and speedy and have worked on some of our most successful communications campaigns.
Irene Hamilton
Managing Director, Johnston Press
Dave worked for me as a Graphic Designer as part of the Creative Ad Make up team for Johnston Press in the Republic. He continually worked to a high standard and is a skilled designer with a strong creative flair. He is versatile and works well as part of a team or on individual projects. I enjoyed working with Dave and I have no hesitation recommending him.
Alan English
Editor, Vancouver Leader
I have been editor of both newspapers in all that time and i have very much enjoyed working with David. He is a talented designer with the imagination and the work ethic to get things done to a very high standard. He is also highly reliable, very personable and good to work with – all vital qualities in a pressurised environment such as newspapers. David played a key role in a much praised redesign of our Vancouver Chronicle newspaper and has contributed a great deal to the company in his time here. I have no hesitation in recommending him for whatever it is that he sets his mind to do.
Mary Healy
Managing Director, Corporate Catering Services
Brainstorm did an amazing job for us and we wholeheartedly recommend them for all your design needs. Their customer service is great and they respond quickly and go above and beyond to help. If you are looking for cutting edge, talent, dedication and passion for design, Brainstorm has it all. We are delighted!
Robert Power
Corporate Accounts Manager, Hopkins Communications
Dave is an excellent creative person, very diligent and conscious of deadlines to ensure that his clients get the ultimate level of service every time. I couldn’t recommend him higher.
Sabrina Amodeo
Owner, Tuscany Bistro
Dave completely understands my company ethos, objectives & brand identity. He consistently provides brilliant creativity, innovation, lateral thinking & is steps ahead with his design style & concepts both with print and social media. A pleasure to deal with & 110% reliable.